may bike lootI apologize for being late with this review but life happens… Anyway lets get to it!

This months Bike Loot surely won’t disappoint with 5 pretty interesting products.

First we have FlapJacked Protein Pancake Mix – Cinnamon Apple flavor. These looks pretty good. Pancakes with 15g of protein,  what more could you ask for out of your pancakes? I think this weekend I will be flapping some jacks…

Next in the box was a packet of Bottle Bright which is a bottle cleaning tablet. We’ve all suffered from that bottle funk and these cleaning tablets claim to be THE BEST bottle cleaner… EVER! My go to bottle these days is a Specialized Purist so I don’t suffer from bottle funk any longer but it also can clean stubborn coffee cup stains – so you know where I’ll be using this!

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I was no stranger to the third item in the box – Honey Stinger Vanilla Organic Energy Gel. As I have said before, I love me some Honey Stinger and always carry a gel or two with me on those long bike rides – I always carry extra energy products with me just in case someone else in the group needs a pick me up. It’s an all organic product and tastes yummy too. What more can I say. Get the Buzzzzz.

The fourth item in the box had me sending out an SOS. No not that type of SOS – SOS Rehydrate Electrolyte Drink Mix. This sounds pretty interesting as it’s a fast-acting electrolyte & hydration drink that has been engineered by a leading doctor, athletes and a military medical officer. It claims to give you 6 times more electrolytes, 20% more hydration and 75% less carbs. Sounds like a good alternative to just plain water if you don’t want to take in all those carbs of a typical sports drink. I might just try this when I’m working outside in the heat and not while I’m on the bike.

Lastly this month we have Movit Energy Gummies. This is a new and fast growing energy company. These have been scientifically engineered for optimal performance and delivery. The citrus flavor sounds appealing so I can’t wait to give these a try and will certainly see how they stack up to my regular go to energy chews.

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