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winding roadDouble nine, 99, is how many miles I rode over this long weekend. It started off with the great 45ish miler on Saturday, followed up by a little easier 30 on Sunday and I capped it all off with a solo 28 mile ride on Monday. I felt really good during Saturday and Sundays rides, but at about mile 18 or so on Monday my legs were starting to say no more and the last 5 or so miles were just tough. I pushed through it and still managed to grab a few Strava personal achievements, 15 in total for the ride.

Today will be a much needed day of rest as thunderstorms are predicted for this afternoon. Should give me a little time to get to that Bike Loot review.

Here is a scenic photo from Mondays ride. Views like that make cycling all that much better.

Siscowit Reservoir

So where did you ride this weekend?

An (unplanned) week off

sunset_bike_rideThanks to the weather and life in general almost one week had passed since I last got on my bike. So I was a little apprehensive about todays club ride, it was to be the longest so far this year – 45 miles – and I really wasn’t sure how I’d do, considering my longest prior was 32. I probably shouldn’t have given the extra distance a second thought but I had visions of me holding the whole group up and embarrassing myself. Well to make a long story short, it was an awesome ride. I felt strong the whole way, was up with the leaders the whole day and felt like I could do another 20 at the end of the ride. So I guess the moral of this story is a little rest does the body good. Not that I want to take whole weeks off again, but if it happens I won’t worry so much about it.

Thanks to the busy week I’ve been remiss in posting my May Bike Loot review which arrived a few days ago. Have no fear, it will be up shortly!

Handlebar alignment

At some point a few weeks ago I noticed, or at least I thought, my handlebars had become ever so slightly askew. Perhaps it was from the one fall I took, the rough roads or maybe I was just staring at them too long but they certainly looked “off”. And when I mean off I’m talking millimeters, but my OCD needs things to be perfect so I just had to make things right.  I must have adjusted the bar 3 or 4 times using the old method of just standing over the bike and eyeballing it. No matter how perfect I thought I aligned my handlebars with my wheel in my living room once I got out on the road it was no better than it was before. Oh well, I was just willing to live with it and chalk it up to my eyes playing tricks on me, that is until Art’s Cyclery posted the below video. What a genius way to line up the bars – not with the wheel but with the forks. I had a plastic level that I was able to insert into the dropouts and then used some electrical tape to hold it in place. After that it was very easy to dial in the bars. So now if I notice any weirdness it is probably my wheel needing to be re-dished. At least that I can definitely blame the roads on.

Back from the house of the Mouse

WDWWell I’m back from my vacation in sunny FLA. We had great weather, saw a lot of stuff (yet still didn’t get to everything) and overall had a magical time! Sadly one of the things we didn’t get to do is get over to Fort Wilderness and rent some bikes. We did get to run on the 1 mile trail outside our resort besides walking miles and miles around the parks we got some “real” exercise in. And in full disclosure, I didn’t actually run all that much on the trail, it was more like a quick walk that ended early for me – I should have waited to have the Mickey waffle and bacon until AFTER the run. The girlfriend had a good run though, first since her injury and using the C25k program.

Anyway I’m antsy to get back on my bike. My new Kool Stop pads have arrived and I’m going to be swapping over to the 25c tires for the summer (or at least until I get a dedicated road bike whichever comes first).

A climbing we will go!

grade_signAnd climbing we did.

We had great weather for Saturdays group ride. It was low 60’s all day with very little wind. I was dressed in shorts, cycling shirt, arm warmers and a wind vest to start. Total distance was just shy of 34 miles with lots of climbing! Ride with GPS (which the group uses for mapping/cue sheets) said ~2100ft of climbing, but all the Garmins in the group showed about 3200ft by the end of the ride. Of course Strava can’t agree with either can comes up with 1800ft. I’m inclined to agree with the Garmins because it was just one hill after another, after another and even the ride leader was surprised with the amount of climbing. It was a good workout though and we all had fun.

I’m still riding on the semi-slick 32c CX tires and since there wasn’t much dirt on this ride I probably should have switched out to the more road friendly, and more importantly lighter, 25c slick tires. The 32s roll fast but they are definitely heavier which you can feel on the hills. Nevertheless I hung on with the group but did have to work a little more at times. This tire switching nonsense just highlights why I need that Roubaix Expert even more. 😉

At our coffee stop midway we met these two pups just looking for some free muffin handouts. Unfortunately for them no one in the group succumbed to their soulful eyes.

Jet & Maggie at the coffee shop.

Jet & Maggie at the coffee shop.

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