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Late Summer Ride

Here is the latest Cranky’s Corner video. This was in the works for a while waiting for me to film an intro, well it’s finally here. This is part of a ride I did at the end of the summer edited to some music. Thanks to The Vegan Cyclist for the editing tips on his channel, hopefully I did them justice. Now I just need some The Col Collective climbs to film on!

And for the record, the intro was filmed today when it was about 38F outside but I had my Castelli Cycling gear to keep me warm and my GiroSportDesign helmet to keep me safe. Oakley sunnies are a given.

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Have you ever aspired to be your own boss? Perhaps maybe even owning your own sports team? Well now is your chance (sort of). Slipstream Sports, the company who manages the Cannondale-Drapac pro-cycling team, recently received some bad news in that a new sponsor they had line for for 2018 wasn’t going to fulfill their commitment. This left the team with a $7 million shortfall and the possibility of not being able to continue next year. Now if you’ve got a spare $7mil laying around, feel free to give Jonathan Vaughters a call, but I’m guessing most of my readers don’t but read on to see how you can help support the team.

When the news broke about the sponsorship deal sinking and the shortfall of money there was an outcry of supporters with many suggesting to try and raise the money via crowd funding. Management was blown away by the support and they put the feelers out to see if it was a viable option and with that a sponsor stepped up (the Fairly Group) and said they would match any crowd sourced donations up to $2 million. So that is where you all come in. Click the link below which will take you to their #SaveArgyle Indiegogo page where you can make your donation. There are a bunch of different levels to donate at, anything from $25 up to $50,000 and each level comes with it’s own “perks” whether it be a coffee mug, team kit, frame stickers, a ride with the team, a team bike all the way up to being able to ride in the team car. All very cool indeed.

So if you are so inclined, please help support one of the hottest teams in cycling right now. They are on a tear this year with their pinnacle achievement being Rigoberto Urán finishing second in the closest Tour de France finishes of recent years. It would be a shame, actually a complete disappointment, not to have this team competing in the World Tour next year. Join me in helping this American team secure their future and enable them to continue to race in 2018.

#SaveArgyle: Keep Cannondale-Drapac alive in 2018




A quick video about my Cannondale CAAD10. #GCNSpoof

D’oh! I completely left off my Garmin Edge 1000 and magnetless speed/cadence sensors.

Unfortunately you can’t buy the whole bike on Amazon but If you like my SCICON Elan saddle bag it is available from Amazon in different colors at the links below:



My Cannondale @ Cannondale

My Cannondale at Cannondale

My Cannondale at Cannondale.

Yes this is the historic Cannondale train station where the Cannondale bike company got it’s name from.

Here are a couple of other shots from the day. Cannondale’s first HQ was in a loft above a pickle factory in the village.

New Kit Day!

Everyone loves new kit, but ever wonder what it would feel like to be a pro and get new kit all logo’d out? Well I sorta do thanks to Competitive Cyclist and their sale on 2015 items. Take a gander what I splurged on…

Dressed like a pro in some Cannonade-Garmin kit!

Dressed like a pro in some Cannonade-Garmin kit!

Now normally I wouldn’t buy a pro team kit for fear of looking like a Fred, but when it’s 50+% off and I ride the equipment in question I just can’t pass it up especially when it’s specific pieces I have always wanted to get but would never pay full price for.

From left to right we have the Fawesome 2 vest, Gabba 2 short sleeve jersey, Aero Race 5.0 jersey and in the center there is the Volo bibs and a pair of matching Castelli socks.

The Gabba 2 jersey has been on my radar for a while, it’s a staple of the pro peloton even for non sponsored teams and it quite the piece of it. It’s essentially a soft shell jersey so it’s great on those cool questionable days without the need for a vest and can be paired with a pair of arm warmers. It also has a drop tail to keep spray off your back side should the weather take a turn for the worst.

The Fawesome 2 vest is made of the same material as the Gabba but it’s obviously in a vest form. This is a huge improvement from my current nylon style vest which despite a bunch of venting still doesn’t breath as well as I’d like it to.

The Aero Race jersey is new for me. I was planning on purchasing the Team 2.0 jersey (it’s they same cut but different material) but my size was sold out so I went for the Aero Race. Fit is as you’d expect but this thing is lightweight! It’s going to get a lot of use during the summer that is for sure.

The Volo bibs are also new for me. I have several pairs of Free Aero Race bibs in different kits and they are alway comfortable with the Progetto X2 chamois. I have read reviews to stay away with from bibs with the KISS chamois which is what the Volo has but I figured since they were on sale and the Aero Race bibs weren’t available in the team colors I’d try them out. So far I am pleased with them. Fit is like the other bibs and the chamois is comfortable at least on the hour trainer ride I did. More testing still needs to be done but I think they will be fine for longer rides.

Overall I’m very impressed with these pieces of kit. I’ve always been a fan of Castello kit and have several others in my closet. These items are just the icing on the cake now!

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