This past week certainly has not been a banner week for me on the bike, actually the last 2 weeks have been pretty poor time and mileage wise. Why? It’s because I’ve been fatigued, but not what you think. By that I mean I haven’t been physically fatigued but rather mentally fatigued. Work has been stressful and grueling at times and then throw in life’s other little challenges and my brain is spent at the end of the day. It’s funny because I can be physically fatigued or sore and still get out on the bike. Getting out on the bike, even if it’s an easy spin, just makes my body feel better and loosen me back up. However when it comes to mental fatigue I can’t even fathom getting on the bike. Every morning I get up, get excited if it’s going to be a nice day for an afternoon ride, have a good lunch to fuel my planned ride but by the time I get home in the afternoon I’m just spent and can’t muster the energy to get out on the bike. Sometimes I think if I can just get out I may feel better but I’m so frazzled a slip of focus while riding could have severe consequences so it’s probably better I surf that couch and let my brain rest.

Today was my first day out since last Sunday. My legs felt dead at first and I though it was going to be a horrible ride. But I didn’t set out on a hammer fest and turned down a few new roads today and ended up having a blast exploring. After a stop at Starbucks I even tackled this one hill I’ve wanted to do for a while. I ended up having a ton of fun, banging out a bunch of hills and just loved being out on my bike.

Then I came home, switched shoes and took the CX bike out around the ‘hood for about a 20 minute spin, riding the grass, hopping curbs and practicing some dismount/mount and shouldering skills.

Overall it was a great day. I didn’t care about time, speed or setting records. It was just a day for me to enjoy. There are few things greater than powering yourself down the road, breathing in the fresh air and conquering all types of terrain. You know I must really be fatigued if I don’t even want to kit up and get outside.

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  1. bgddyjim

    I can relate to your consternation when it comes to not wanting to head out for my daily ride. On those days I just concentrate on getting dressed. Once I’m all kitted up getting out the door is a lot easier.

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