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WDWWell I’m back from my vacation in sunny FLA. We had great weather, saw a lot of stuff (yet still didn’t get to everything) and overall had a magical time! Sadly one of the things we didn’t get to do is get over to Fort Wilderness and rent some bikes. We did get to run on the 1 mile trail outside our resort besides walking miles and miles around the parks we got some “real” exercise in. And in full disclosure, I didn’t actually run all that much on the trail, it was more like a quick walk that ended early for me – I should have waited to have the Mickey waffle and bacon until AFTER the run. The girlfriend had a good run though, first since her injury and using the C25k program.

Anyway I’m antsy to get back on my bike. My new Kool Stop pads have arrived and I’m going to be swapping over to the 25c tires for the summer (or at least until I get a dedicated road bike whichever comes first).


  1. saltyvelo

    Ever thought about 32 mm tires? It’s what I roll on my road bike and I can ride just as fast as guys on 23 mm tires. It will make your ride MUCH better. The trick is, you just need to find quality rubber. That’s not really the trick, it is coming up with the money for quality rubber.

    • fastk9dad

      The “stock” tires on the bike are actually 32mm, but they are a semi-slick (Specialized Borough CX – smooth center/small outer lugs). I do like the ride they give but in my mind 25mm tires in the summer would roll faster and be lighter. I never really considered 32mm slicks. In retrospect 28s may have been a better choice.

  2. snooki81

    You did a great job on the Mickey trail and were a great supporter. 🙂

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