Here are 10 of my favorite playlist songs (and my cycling related comments) I like to listen to while I’m using Trainer Road while on the turbo.

  1. David Cook’s cover of Don’t You Forget About Me (This is what I envision people to be saying when I drop them on a climb.)

  2. Lauren Alaina’s cover of Flat on the Floor (Where I am after a hard workout.)

  3. Limp Bizkit –  Rollin’ (Bikes have 2 wheels and they roll)

  4. Korn –  It’s On (You’re gonna try and drop me? I don’t think so.)

  5. Metallica – Battery (What we all wish we had on board when that double digit gradient hits!)

  6. Sammy Hagar – I Can’t Drive 55 (I wish I had this problem on a bike.)

  7. Taylor Swift – Shake It Off (What you do when you get some numb fingers)

  8. Tom Petty – You Wreck Me (Well I really hope you don’t)

  9. Van Halen – House of Pain (Riding a trainer, need I say more?)

  10. MC Hammer – Too Legit Too Quit (Shut up legs!!!)