eLoadThe second item from my April Bike Loot box I’m going to review is the eLoad Endurance Drink. I had the opportunity to try this out on my 30 mile jaunt on Saturday. Like all sports drinks they replace lost electrolytes due to sweat. They claim to be the sports drink for the heat due to its mix of electrolytes that help to prevent and control heat stress. Now I’m no scientist so I won’t speak about the actual ingredients and science behind the drink but they do have a handy comparison chart to other popular sports drinks if you want to see where your usual brew stacks up.

With that said the usual questions about sports drinks are “how does it mix?” and “how does it taste?” The packet I received was enough to make 16oz of the drink. I poured the contents of the packet into my water bottle followed by 16oz of water, replaced the top on the water bottle and shook it. Since I was using a clear water bottle it was easy to see that it all dissolved and nothing was left at the bottom. All too often that is not the case and you end up drinking a bunch of powder when you get to the bottom of the bottle.
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