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7 Things Non-Cyclists Should Know About Road Cycling

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I only got into road cycling last June when I decided to train for a triathlon, and there were a number of things that caught me by surprise. I realized that I had been an utter asshole at times to cyclists, and I want to share how you may be an unintentional asshole too. Obviously there are some entitled cyclists that are assholes themselves, but they are in the minority. Give a cyclist the benefit of the doubt. You’ll usually be right.


1) Road cycling is scary

Listen. I’m not a wuss. I’ve jumped out of an airplane. I’ve bungeed off a 20-story bridge. I’ve stepped into boxing rings and wrestling mats to train and compete in things like boxing, MMA/Ultimate Fighting, Judo, and submission grappling. I’ve hung off cliffs climbing tall peaks at altitude with a thousand feet of air underneath me, and much more. I’m a lot more risk tolerant than most people. I feel more in danger road cycling than I have in most other situations I’ve gotten myself into. I try to forget that a distracted driver texting a smiley to a friend could kill me at any minute. It’s hard to feel safe most of the time with how most cars drive around cyclists nevermind the random rager that seems to come around every month or so.

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Lets hear it for Jensie!!!

I just want to congratulate Jens Voigt for a superb effort on stage 1 of the Tour which earned him the KOM jersey! At age 42 Jens is the oldest rider in the peloton but he still has enough gas in him to get in the break and put a hurt on the field. I’m the same age (actually 1 day older!) and only wish I had 1% as much riding talent as he does.

Jens Voigt wearing the KOM jersey

Jens looks good in polka dots doesn’t he?

My hats off to you Jens, you are a pleasure to watch, always put on a good show and are a great ambassador to the sport.

p.s. Your NBC interview was fantastic! Hope to see you in the booth next year!

And they’re off!

Le Tour de FranceThe Tour de France has just officially started! Should be an exciting few weeks with all of different personalities & rivalries in the peloton. And how about Jens Voigt, his 17th (and final) tour and the oldest rider in the peloton! Go Jensie!!!

Those of us in the US you can view live & replay coverage on NBS Sports. You can find the TV schedule here. You can also access online streaming/features through their website but it’s a paid service. will of course have links to online streaming sites for the tour.

Strava has posted the routes for each of the stages if you’d like to follow along virtually.

Lets hope for a competitive and safe race for all the riders!

The Tour de France Explained

Oh, ho, ho… Time to get your French on and enjoy this animation on the Tour de France and it’s history.

I am ready to circumnavigate the Earth!

magellanThat’s right folks, I got myself a Magellan… no, not that Magellan, but a Magellan Cyclo 505 cycling computer/GPS. Long gone are the days of using my iPhone and hoping the battery wouldn’t die before the end of the ride. The 505 has a 12 hour battery life so it should far exceed any distance that I can ride.

It just arrived yesterday and I haven’t had a chance to use it yet but this certainly puts some pressure on Garmin as it is a serious contender to their new Edge 1000 model. Personally I never considered purchasing a Garmin because they still don’t support Bluetooth LE sensors even with their latest and greatest. Not to mention the 1000 is substantially more expensive than the 505 the decision was easy – use my existing sensors and pay less!

Now I’ve only been able to take it out of the box and set it up but first impressions are everything and I’m impressed. This is a nice unit packed with features I hope to explore over the summer. I think my favorite feature is going to be the “Surprise Me” function where I can tell it how far or long I want to ride and it will generate some routes for me to choose from. This will be most useful for those after work rides where I might not have a lot of time but do want some variety. So stay tune for future posts as I put this device through the paces.

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