Bike Loot LogoMy first Bike Loot box arrived today and I was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning and couldn’t wait to open it. Since this was my first Bike Loot box I didn’t know what to expect. Besides 5 great products they also include a card with a description of each product along with a “Loot Tip” which is how to/best use of the product. On the other side of the card is a quote which says “Wow. I really regret that workout” – Said no one ever

So without further ado here are the gratuitous unboxing photos.

I obviously haven’t had a chance to sample all the items yet and as I try them I will post updates (or maybe a separate review I haven’t decided yet), but here is the run down with my initial comments.

  1.  Bonk Breaker – Real Food Energy Bar : Peanut Butter & Jelly flavor

I can’t remember when I first discovered Bonk Breakers but ever since they have been a staple of my riding especially on rides over 2 hours. They aren’t too heavy, get all the right nutrients into you and taste good too! Bonus here is that the PB&J flavor is my favorite!

  1.  Natureplex – Ultra Strength Muscle Rub

If you ride long enough and hard enough you are eventually going to have sore legs. Muscle Rub should do the trick to sooth those aches away. Thanks to the weather I haven’t been riding in a couple of days but I did try a bit on my arm and it felt very nice and soothing with a light minty scent. Oh and it’s not greasy at all. I stay away from a lot of ointments because of that so right there that’s a win for me!

  1.  Upfront Foods – Upfront Nutty Granola w/ pecans & almonds

I love me some granola! It’s one of my favorite things to nosh on throughout the day or have some for breakfast before a ride.  Besides the pecans and almonds the ingredients look tasty! With 20g of carbs and 4g of protein, this will be part of my pre-ride breakfast on Saturday.

  1.  eLoad – Endurance Sports Drink : Natural Lemon Favor

I will be using this on on of my rides this weekend. It looks good with 27g of carbs for fuel while riding along with electrolytes to replace what you have lost. The sodium is a little higher than some other sports drinks I’ve seen so that could be an issue for some people.

  1.  Peloton Lips – Natural Lip Balm : Green Tea

I always carry lip balm with me in my jersey pocket. There is nothing worse than having dry, cracked, bleeding lips on a ride. I’m not usually a fan of “green tea” so I was a little skeptical at first but after I applied it to my lips it was like sipping an iced tea. It feels nice on the lips and not overly heavy and thick like some other brands, oh and did I mention it tastes good too? I will certainly be purchasing more for my riding adventures.