Bike RackUnfortunately, thanks to a couple of overnight work shifts, not much riding was done this weekend. I did manage to squeak out ~12 miles yesterday morning. I planned to ride longer but it was cold, windy and miserable so I packed it in a little early. Had I not gotten home at 4am and slept more than 5 hours I probably would have stuck it out but I was just feeling beat and not enjoying myself. I was able to catch a quick nap before helping the girlfriend pack up her apt.

My Velo Stickers “Fighter” name decals finally arrived on Saturday, so that was exciting. Now all the steed in my stable are easily¬†identifiable. Not that they weren’t before but I thought the decals were a nice way of personalizing my bikes.

It looks like another crappy week weather wise. Hopefully I can get a few after work rides in before the weekend.