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no_55Maybe I don’t ride in the right groups but whenever someone starts talking to me about their MPH on this or that ride I just start to tune them out like Charlie Brown’s teacher. Now don’t get me wrong, I love stats as much as the next person and always look over my ride data on Strava after a ride but I don’t think it’s particularly interesting to someone else for me to tell them that my average speed on my 20 mile loop is up by .4MPH.

Now, bragging rights aside, I’ve have been on group rides in the past where some riders will take this to the next level and will refuse to walk their bike at a rest stop because their computer will average that slow wheel speed into their stats. This usually results in them picking the bike up, or at least the rear wheel and roll it on the front only (or vice versa depending where the speed sensor is). In a few instances these same riders would break traffic signals, signs and laws to not stop on their bike – now that just downright dangerous and insane. I refuse to ride with the group if these individuals have signed up for the ride. Coincidentally enough these are the same people who fail to call out road hazards when they are on the front. Probably don’t want to increase their drag by pointing out the hazard.

I just think sometimes we worry about the numbers too much and forget to just enjoy the ride.

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  1. tempocyclist.wordpress.com

    I have been guilty on many occasions of getting too caught up in the numbers. Sure it can sometimes be good to push for a high figure, but average speed is such a fickle mistress and there are too many variables. Sometimes as you say, you just need to forget what it reads on the Garmin and enjoy the ride.

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