So day 1 in Jamaica has been a complete and total cluster fuck to say the least. Got though JFK no problems, flight was ok, Montego Bay airport was interesting and the shuttle to Sandals was,umm, unforgettable.

When we arrived we were ushered inside and then proceeded to wait for almost an hour for our concierge to check us in and get the keys. Once that was taken care of we asked to speak to the food concierge to address Emily’s food allergies. Our travel agent had called the resort ahead of time and wanted us to follow-up in person. Of course she wasn’t around so we were escorted to our room. Not a bad suite, but the bar and fridge had not been restocked yer, but were assured it would happen soon. We dropped off our bags and headed back to see the food concierge.

We did finally get to speak with her and as you can probably guess she didn’t know anything about us. We gave her the 411 and we were taken to meet the chef so he could prepare us a lunch to take back to our room. This is around 2pm. 20 mins later we have a wrapped lunch and they call a jitney for us. 10 mins go by, I inquire, they say it’s on its way, a few more minutes, inquire again… Finally we get a ride and can finally sit down to eat at around 3pm.

Bar and fridge still had not been restocked until we made a couple of more phone calls.

After we eat Emily went to take a nap only to find that the mattress is about as soft as a sheet of plywood. It is also around this time we realize something is off with this room, it’s not what we paid for. Calls with the concierge ensue and we are finally visited by a manager who we explain our situation to. Apparently the room we got was an “upgrade” but not in our eyes. Finally around 6:30pm they shows us the room we paid for and we requested to move. We were told to pack our bags and we would move shortly.

After several calls to the operator asking for the manage and complaining we are still in our room the manager comes by around 8pm and tells us we can’t move. The room we looked at has no not water and the only other vacant ones are freshly painted. Now we have to wait until tomorrow after someone checks out.

So here we lay in the wrong room with some extra padding on the plywood mattress to make it a little more tolerable.

I’m sure I left out some details but you get the just. We have also been in constant contact with our travel agent who is working things on her side.

I can’t wait to see what aggravation tomorrow brings!