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Review: Upfront Nutty Granola

Upfront Nutty Granola

Upfront Nutty Granola

I received a package of Upfront Nutty Granola as part of my April Bike Loot box which I reviewed here. To my surprise I had never tasted or even heard of this brand before, but after looking at Upfront Foods website it doesn’t appear to be in any stores in my area yet.

The first thing that struck me was the packaging; it’s the perfect size for a snack (or even putting in a cycling jersey) and all the ingredients and nutritional information are right on the front (hence the company name Upfront). Because of upfront labeling it’s very easy to see that it contains all natural ingredients with no hard to pronounce artificial ingredients or preservatives.

If for nothing else, the packaging size had me sold. Most other granola is sold in larger bags and when you love it as much as I do that quick snack turns into 3/4 of a bag. Oops. Plus if you want to take some cycling with you that meant separating it into small baggies – far too much work for me. This neat little packaging solved both those problems. But I did wonder how different is this going to taste from all the other granola I’ve had in the past?

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April Bike Loot

Bike Loot LogoMy first Bike Loot box arrived today and I was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning and couldn’t wait to open it. Since this was my first Bike Loot box I didn’t know what to expect. Besides 5 great products they also include a card with a description of each product along with a “Loot Tip” which is how to/best use of the product. On the other side of the card is a quote which says “Wow. I really regret that workout” – Said no one ever

So without further ado here are the gratuitous unboxing photos.

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