Over the past few weeks, maybe even months, I have undertaken an effort to make my “brand” consistent across several sites, namely YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. I chose to standardize on my moniker of “fastk9dad”, which is the pseudonym I post under here at Cranky’s Corner.

Up until know I have been using Cranky’s Corner as the catch all for a variety of posts and topics. When I started it was pretty much all about cycling but that morphed into including some travel and family videos as well. After pondering this for a while, it seemed to confuse the brand a bit, so I decided to create a Facebook page to now be the central hub for all my endeavors and will shift Cranky’s Corner back to primarily cycling related content. That doesn’t mean I won’t post some other content once in a while but I’ll try not to clutter it up with stuff you all might not be interested in.

Now don’t forget to head over to over to Facebook and Like & Follow me there!

p.s. I also apologize for any “test posts” my subscribers may have received. I’m working on being able to cross post between the various platforms so I hope it didn’t cause any inconvenience.