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Week 1: Sweet Spot Base I

Follow along each week as I post my training over this winter season. With that I give you week one!

Lets talk about Concussions

As some readers may know, my wife has been unlucky enough to have been in a couple of auto accidents in the past few years and have resulted in two concussions. Well I finally got around to filming a video on my and my wife’s experience with the subject. It’s a bit heartfelt, slightly long winded but hopefully contains some good info for people. It’s not my finest cinematic work since I was sitting in our car and without a script but it’s genuine and hopefully it helps someone.

Disney Vacation 2018 | Final Days

Had some battery life issues so here are a bunch of clips from our last few days on our anniversary vacation!

Disney Vacation 2018 | Need More Coffee!

Disney Vacation 2018 | In Search of Shoes!

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