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The Honeymooners – Don’t step on the iguanas 

Hot off the press, the Tuesday edition of The Honeymooners. 

The Honeymooners – Spa day

A little Monday morning hijinx. 

And a couple of photos…

The Honeymooners – Hard Rockin’

Day 3 update. I apologize for the audio quality, trade winds were crazy. 

The Honeymooners – Destination Aruba

Day one update from one happy island. 

And a few photos…


A quick video about my Cannondale CAAD10. #GCNSpoof

D’oh! I completely left off my Garmin Edge 1000 and magnetless speed/cadence sensors.

Unfortunately you can’t buy the whole bike on Amazon but If you like my SCICON Elan saddle bag it is available from Amazon in different colors at the links below:



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